Lots of anger around these days…

I talked about this in one of my yoga classes recently that there is just so much anger around us.  Whether it’s anger over politics (yep that a hot button) and/or the media’s coverage of such, something is driving anger in America and it is showing even on Facebook where folks don’t have to be brave to be awful to each other.

So what’s the answer?  Practice compassion is mine.  If I am compassionate with myself I can be compassionate with others.  Without that, I can be a serious road rage with the best of them.  When I found this article on elephant journal I thought the timing was pretty interesting.

Enjoy the read –

Anger is not a part of my daily life or something I have to control. I am generally a peaceful person who would rather laugh at a situation then get angry about it.

Most situations that might cause me anger seem to turn into funny ones when I view them objectively.

Last night I hit my shoulder on a fridge door that was left open. I was cleaning and feeling like a character in an old movie scrubbing the floor by hand. Then I stood up and caught my shoulder on the corner of our fridge door. The pain of bumping into the door definitely irritated me and I slammed it shut to get out that frustration but laughed as I did it.

I then swore in an old man way (pretty much mimicking my father). It was a way to purge the annoyed feelings while not actually freaking out. My wife was there, we both laughed and the situation ended, leaving us with a bit of a chuckle and my shoulder throbbing.

So, anger doesn’t rise in me often, but what’s my point?

I don’t have one. But I do have a question.

Am I a person who doesn’t have anger in me? Or do I just not face real situations where I could be brought to anger? Hitting the fridge door is irritating but not the most angering of events.

I like the idea that I have overcome petty anger and don’t get upset at things that are insignificant and can’t be changed. But what about real anger? If faced with a truly terrible and angering situation, how would I react?

I don’t get into verbal or physical arguments on any regular basis. I am not confronted by hateful words or actions. If anything, because of my artwork and the community I have around me, I often find my world filled with loving kindness and supportive people.

But I do think back to this one time I was walking in Soho.

I was with my wife and was looking at my phone while we were walking. I don’t remember what I was doing on my phone, but I do remember justifying to myself later that is was something important. But, if I am honest, I do check my phone while walking through the city way more than I should. I know it is annoying and dangerous, but I’m working on it.

As I was walking I saw a guy out of the corner of my eye notice me and change his course so he was headed right for me, trying to catch me out for not looking around while walking. He comes up to me trying to bump into me but I notice him and stop.

We look at each other.

He gives me this “you’re busted” look and my instant reaction is to call him a wanker to his face. He yells that I am the wanker and walks away. My wife is confused as it all happens so quickly. She thought he was drunk so calls me out saying I shouldn’t have called him what I did.

My heart’s beating fast. We walk away, I keep thinking about for hours.

At first I am annoyed with the guy, thinking that he will just make a lot more negativity and really solve nothing by making people feel bad about themselves.

But then later, I go back to that moment, when my first reaction to someone being negative is to double down and be negative back and personally insult them.

What happened?

I talk about compassion and mindfulness in my work and then at a moment when caught off guard I instantly let anger drive my actions.

I know I am far from perfect but situations like these really make me take stock and realise that I have work to do to become a genuinely kind, compassionate, loving person.

I hope that next time I am confronted with such a situation I will react with even just slightly more compassionately. In the meantime I will be mindful of myself and the different emotions going on inside of me.


8 scents that can help you lose weight?

When you’re trying to shed a few pounds, your nose is your ally. Research shows that certain smells — whether from scented candles, essential oils, or the real deal — can curb your appetite, boost your energy, and improve your mindset. And while you still have to do your part with healthy eating and regular exercise (there’s no fragrance that’ll make the pounds magically melt off), these scents could help you hit your weight-loss goals.


Green Apples or Bananas
You’d think these sweet smells would kick your sugary cravings into overdrive, but the opposite may actually be true. Alan R. Hirsch, MD, the neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, found that people who sniffed the aroma of green apples or bananas when they were hungry ended up eating less and losing weight. “The hypothesis we came up with is a phenomenon called Sensory Specific Satiety,” Dr. Hirsch. He explains that since the olfactory bulb in the brain is connected to the satiety center, simply smelling these fruits could fool your brain into thinking you’ve eaten them.


An Ohio State University study found that the smell of lemon oil significantly improved the mindset of participants. So if you find yourself in a workout funk, a whiff of lemon could give you the mood boost needed to get back on track. Aromatherapy experts also believe the scent can improve digestion, which may help to prevent mindless munching. “Often, when we’re dealing with appetite, it has a lot to do with stress and emotional eating,” says Amy Galper, the Executive Director and founder of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy. “Lemon oil will stimulate the digestive system in a way that’s positive.”


Stress can hinder your weight-loss efforts in several ways, from throwing off your schedule to ramping up your cortisol production. But cucumber can work wonders in calming you down. “The smell of cucumber reduces the degree of anxiety,” Dr. Hirsch explains. “By reducing anxiety, it potentially could help reduce the desire to eat as a stress reliever.”


Really, what can’t peppermint do? The herb is found in everything from toothpaste to tea, and studies have shown it can soothe an upset stomach, increase alertness, and improve athletic performance. So it’s no surprise that it helps with weight loss, too. Research has shown the scent is a natural appetite suppressant, and it may even make your workout more effective — a study in Iran found that participants who inhaled the minty scent before exercising had better respiratory function, lower blood pressure, and more endurance than those who didn’t.


Cypress Oil
Cypress trees have a few potential benefits — Hinoki cypress leaf oil has been shown to improve relaxation, and Kashmir cypress was found to have antioxidant properties. And while your mileage may vary, aromatherapists believe cypress oil could also help you get your head in the game before trying a new skill or tackling a daunting challenge: “It’s very clearing for the mind, so it keeps us sharp and focused and attentive,” Galper says.


There’s a reason this is the go-to scent for sleep masks — the gentle, floral aroma is a proven stress reliever that can soothe your body and mind. “When our bodies are feeling really tense due to emotional stress, lavender is great for soothing it,” Galper says. The scent also combats anxiety, which is helpful if you’re trying to psych yourself up to try that Tabata class.


Black Spruce
Aromatherapy experts believe this scent helps you breathe deeper, which has several benefits — not only can it relieve stress and speed up metabolism, but according to a study at the University of New South Wales, when fat is broken down during exercise, most of it leaves your body through your lungs. Of course, you can’t shed fat without diet and exercise — but, like stretching or meditating, deep breathing is a healthy habit to get into. “When we can breathe easier, our minds are calmer,” Galper says. “We’re able to make more of that mind-body connection.”


  • Courtesy of Beach Body Blog!


I borrowed this one from soulseeds but I had just had a few friends lose Parents at the time and it was so fitting.  If even one person can benefit from this then it’s all I need…Grief

This is really a good read on fitness!

So I have recently joined on the multisport training bandwagon.  I have added one sport a year so now I am finally up to three…lol.  Ok some of us are slow learners but many of us who grew up as Title 9 was only a decade old, weren’t told we could be athletes, athletic, fit or any of that.  We were supposed to be smart.  My family was full of academics so who needs to work out?   Most of you know my fondness of my stepfather who passed awhile ago but it was at a time when I realized how slippery that slippery slope is.

This article from mindbodygreen.com would have been a help for me years ago so maybe it will help you!

“When I started exercising about eight years ago, I had little knowledge about fitness. Most of the advice I followed was misleading. As you would expect, I barely made any progress and got injured several times.

Now I’ve learned a lot and completely transformed my body. But if I knew then what I know now — it would have taken me far less time to get lean and strong. Learn from my mistakes and transform your body faster than I did. Here are the eight things I wish I had known when I started exercising:

1. All muscles are not created equal.

Like most people, I wanted to have six-pack abs and a big chest. So I did a lot of ab and chest training. I ignored my back and leg muscles — which in hindsight was a big mistake.

Abs and chest muscles have little impact on total lean body mass because they’re small muscle groups. But the back and leg muscles are the biggest in the body. Training them will increase total muscle mass and consequently boost your metabolism.

Don’t ignore any muscle group — maximize growth by training all muscles. In fact, this study shows that leg training triggers a hormonal response that boosts growth in all muscles.

2. There are no rest days.

I used to worry about overtraining, yet I barely exercised. Exercising three or four times a week is good, but staying active on rest days will better your results. Do light exercises like jumping rope, walking, and running for 15 to 30 minutes on rest days. Exercising will quickly become a habit if you do this consistently.

3. The small things count.

We often hear things like drink enough water, eat veggies, get enough sleep, but a lot of people don’t take them seriously. Many studies show that these things have a big impact on health and fat loss.

4. The most effective way to train is to switch things up.

Many experts don’t agree on how hard one should train. Some say short and simple workouts are the way to go while others recommend intense training. Well, there are pros and cons to both approaches.

Ten-minute workouts won’t build much muscle. On the other hand, intense workouts will leave you fatigued and can lead to injuries. The best approach is to combine both. Do moderate workouts most of the time and one intense workout every week.

5. The time you exercise matters.

For years I exercised in the evening, and I skipped workouts a lot. But I rarely skip workouts since I started exercising in the morning. This is because I’m fresh in the morning and there are no distractions. Give morning workouts a try and see if your consistency improves.

6. Practicing proper form counts.

Proper form is important in any type of training, even running. Doing exercises properly will reduce the risk of injury and give you maximum gains. Pick a few exercises and learn how to do them properly. As you get stronger, it’ll be easier to learn proper form.

7. You can do anything you put your mind to when it comes to fitness.

Have you ever said to yourself, I can’t do pull-ups; they’re too challenging? I used to think the same thing. But now pull-ups are a piece of cake for me.

You may not be able to perform certain exercises now, but you’ll eventually do them if you stay consistent. Be patient, though; doing advanced exercises when you’re not ready can cause injury.

8. Set time-based goals.

It’s easy to slack if you don’t have time-based goals. Write down the fitness goals you want to achieve in the next one to three months. Then create a doable workout plan that will help you attain those goals.

9. Everyone needs a little help getting started.

It wasn’t until I started following advice from credible experts that I started seeing real results. Hire a personal trainer or follow blog advice from a credible fitness expert. Be wary of experts who encourage use of fat burners and pills.”

How’s that New Year’s Resolution coming?

Here’s a good article on maybe re-vamping that Resolution idea from Runner’s World:

For as much as I absolutely love the holiday season, I have to say I equally love the return to routine. I like my morning run after I drop the girls at school. I like the quiet hours in my office. I like the mellowness of school nights, early dinners, homework, some Netflix by the fire.

I also relish the fresh start a new year brings. I like the beginning of new classes—for the kids and for me. I like thinking about new work projects, feeling the stir of my creative muse tickling the base of my brain. I like thinking about races I might want to sign up for. Trips and adventures I want to plan.
I like feeling more inspired about nutrition, cooking, and mixing up my fitness routine. I like new calendars, journals, and school notebooks. I like considering new books to read and cracking open our new Bible study workbook. I like looking at my relationships with fresh eyes and an open heart—and deciding where and how I want to invest.

To some people, January can feel like a letdown or a post-holiday dead zone with cold, gray days and nothing fun on the horizon. But to me it holds a unique energy, filled with potential and curiosity.

During a recent early morning yoga class, I stood in tree pose—one of my favorites. You stand, balanced on one leg with your other leg folded, foot pressed against your standing inner thigh. Hands begin in prayer pose, and your drishti or gaze is essential for both focus and balance.

Once you find steadiness and your breathing deepens, you can lift your hands from prayer pose, raise your arms above your head like branches, opening your chest and moving into full expression of the pose. It feels beautiful, elegant even.

I like when I get to class early enough that I can get a spot at the front of the class, facing the window. That way, when it’s time for tree pose, I can stare directly into the woods at the trees instead of watching the person in front of me wobble around. One certain tree has a small hole in it, and that’s where I like to focus my drishti. If I concentrate on it completely, I just join the forest and never wobble at all.

In the middle of this particular class, our teacher said, “Tree pose is perfect for the new year. Think about how you want to root more deeply, growing steadier. Think about how you want to grow and branch out.”

Then he said: “What would you do if you fully understood that you already have everything you need?”

With that, my tree almost toppled over. I swear I love the words of a good teacher almost as much as I love the centering, meditative movement of yoga.

Think about that for a minute. We all have hopes, dreams, plans and goals. We usually think in terms of all we need to accomplish or acquire to move closer to the fulfillment of a dream or goal. I never think about a goal from the standpoint that I already have everything I need to fulfill it. It’s mind blowing, totally altering, if you allow yourself to absorb that idea in its fullness.

Whatever you want to achieve physically, you’ve got it.
Whatever you want to change financially, you’ve got what it takes.
However you want to grow in relationship, you have the ability.
Want more love? It’s already within.
Want more peace? It’s inside, next to love.
Want more inspiration and creativity? It’s manifesting right now.
Want more energy and passion? It’s all there. Tap in.
Want more time? Focus it and use it. It’s already there.

Whatever your heart desires this year, put it out there and let it go, believe and prepare to receive it.

You already have everything you need.

Essential Oils for Training & Life

So I am writing this at the culmination of my 2nd week of Multisport training  so by the time it gets published I may have more to add but here is how I use oils to supplement my training!

Virtually every night I am working on something for the biz that takes me pretty much up to bedtime so as I am getting ready for bed it’s Calm and Sleep time.  I mix ’em.  The dogs get enough by proxy to chill out and off Boom!  We’re out.

Mornings are pretty much like the cartoon of the Tasmanian Devil…so most days I don’t need much but there are those early ones that Invigorate and Focus get me revved!

Clients have been exposed to everything everyone in their family has been exposed to and since I am auto-immune, I live with Immunity and Decongest!  Hint – get 2, keep on one you and one at work!  I even have one I keep with my headphones for the gym before and after!

Cranky spots after a tough workout or just still adapting?  Pain Relief and Detox (sep or mixed) are a killer combo!  Hint – Detox on legs that are beat up post long run then legs up the wall and even I am good to go!

Scheduling gets tough with lots of different types of workouts so Destress lets my shoulders come down.  Hint – its great after Bike and Swim!  It’s also a great combo with headache as tight shoulders can give me a whopper of a headache!

Road Rage trying to get to the gym- Calm baby!  Surprise PMS works here too!

Not in the mood to workout?  Equalize and Strength are my go to choices.  Carry On is new but I think this fits here too!  Uplift is another really good option.

Have to tackle something you aren’t fond of (accounting for me) – believe it or not Passion is a huge help!

Ate something that isn’t sitting well or too close to a workout….Digest!  It just eases the tummy without creating “another reaction”…you get the drift.  Speaking of food, I have needed to make some dietary changes (and still am) so Abstain, Transform, and Willpower all have been helpful.

So do you need all 21 drops?  No you don’t need all of them but I bet once you start using them you will keep finding solutions in those cute little bottles and your stash will grow! That’s how I started!










Where do I start with 21 drops Essential Oils?

I get this question a lot.  The answer is really what aspect of your life/body isn’t working well.

So for those who can’t sleep – let’s look at Sleep and maybe Destress or Calm to slow the mind and help you drift off.

If you want to quit caffeine?  Let’s talk about Focus!

Everyone around me has the plague…help?  Immunity my friend, in fact get two this time of year and keep one on you and one at work!

How about I am looking at making some major changes this year?  Transform is a great place to start.  Maybe Passion to follow your dreams, or Equalize to help you get your footing, or Willpower or Abstain to help support you making changes.

There is no wrong place to start but it we can help address what your biggest hangup is, then you will be able to tell asap if it’s working.

It’s snowing, it’s grey, it’s cold…you get it….Uplift.  Let’s change your mood and see if we can make a positive.




Carry On Essential Oil (New!)

OK I am in love with this one.  I have had an awful week dealing with outside customer service problems that had zero to do with me.  If you know me at all, you know I detest the squeaky wheel gets the oil scenario’s but these problems were just so bad I really had no choice but to take these problems to management of the various companies.  I mean 4 them, really?  This is a record week for me for sure but with that are then the demands of business, teaching, personal and week 2 of multisport training…what got me through it – Carry On.

If you asked me in one word what this one does I would say soothe.  The closest I can come is if you have a rash and you put a salve on it and the itch or pain goes away…it soothes the rash.  This one is like soothing the emotional body in order to soothe the physical body.