6 Days of Closet Organizing to get ready for Spring/ Summer!

Today I finished emptying out the “not” pile out of my closet and drawers for Spring/Summer and Early Fall.  I will probably return to the project for Fall / Winter once I have some downtime.  In the South, I won’t need to worry about it until October at least, lol.  So for now I am declaring the project complete, but if you know me, I will be back at it in a week do to the rest lol.

My job today was daunting.  Finish accessories (purses, belts, shoes) and it was time to really take a long, hard look at my wardrobe.  This is the place I usually stop.  Or should I say – always stop.  I got rid of the all deadwood, what’s the big deal right?  Well the big deal is you still have things you aren’t wearing, and there are things you are still buying that you probably won’t wear for the simple fact that you don’t have a wardrobe put together to know exactly what you need (or don’t).

So I love the looks a fave blogger I follow posts and I have followed her pretty regularly for a year.  She has put out a number of ebooks, a few of which I have which just helps put outfits together using a minimal number of pieces of a wardrobe.   Anyway I printed out her suggested pieces for Spring and Summer and then ditched the pieces I wouldn’t wear (I hate skirts and button down shirts with a passion and I will not wear them so don’t even start with them included) and certain clothing styles and cuts that are not flattering or realistic to my lifestyle.   She puts together full outfits for you (down to accessories), but I am more independent than that, and my jobs are hardly typical.

Anyway then I got to play.  It was sort of like a toy I had as a kid that allowed you to mix and match clothes as a plastic template and then use color pencils to shade them in…it was kinda fun and my guess is I sucked at it then too.  I have included a few of my favorites.


So I came up with a number of outfits and just a couple things I need to add back in….like who doesn’t have a black t-shirt?  Really? Apparently I don’t.  And who doesn’t have a nice pair of sandals…again, guilty as charged.   Hello Old Navy!

I have a full trunk to go to my Donation site this week, and having that just out of the house already feels good!  I have conservatively 5 pair of shorts, 3 pair of capri’s and 5 pairs of jeans.  That isn’t minimal living at it most dire on it’s face, but how many of you can say you have only 13 bottom pieces to your wardrobe?  When you look at the fact that indeed that portion is a 4 season wardrobe I could go less but remember that first lesson – how much laundry do you want to do and how often?  Well my once a week can’t swing by with too much less,  I can’t actually count the number of sleeveless tops because of workouts and yoga, but let’s say 12 for personal use, and probably close to that in short sleeve tops.  So 24 tops x 13 bottoms = is 312 outfits.   Now some may not quite work.  For example, I am probably not going to wear white on white, or denim on demin, but even if we assume 250 outfits, that’s pretty dang good for 37 pieces.    My bottoms are white, tan to khaki, grey to black, plus demin in middle ranges (so neutrals) …they pretty much go with anything on top that is white and ivory to taupes and tans, dove grey to charcoal and black, and some pops of color in pinks and peaches to corals, turquoise and teals.  I have topper pieces as well in pretty much these same colors whether it be a jacket, or sweater.

It becomes pretty simple, almost like, dare I say “garanimals” for adults!  Now this doesn’t include dresses (sun, fancy, party, etc), or workout/yoga clothes.  It doesn’t include undergarments or jackets, nor accessories but I am not aiming for a specific number (at this point), I am aiming for cohesiveness and functionality in clothes I really like.

Now please do remember I get covered in oil multiple times a day and street clothes don’t respond well, nor can you do yoga in them and I am doing that 5 days a week as well, so you won’t see these clothes at work (sorry) but if you do I must be going somewhere pretty cool after!




  1. Tamerin Hayward · May 8, 2017

    That was all “pretty cool”! On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 10:57 PM mmwellnessstudio wrote:

    > Michele posted: “Today I finished emptying out the “not” pile out of my > closet and drawers for Spring/Summer and Early Fall. I will probably > return to the project for Fall / Winter once I have some downtime. In the > South, I won’t need to worry about it until October at ” >


  2. Thank you for featuring the attractive pictures– so vulnerable to
    a feeling of reflection. http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/member.php?252143-aloisistarly335


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