Plan, Plan, Plan and Adapt

Sorry for the day off from the blogging world, but I needed a day to wrap my head around how to make this all work into my tiny closet.  What I came to was the conclusion that I was OK making it fit without the sports stuff, but seeing I am not quitting that, then my other bedroom closet needed to be way better utilized.

So closet number 2 had just Holiday Decor, gift wrapping, some crafting goodies and the cat box, and that was just not going to work, so I got the brilliant idea to make my luggage impossible to get to (Lol) by moving the decor bins with pullout drawers up top and easily accessible and move my stacked poor luggage off to the side (up top still), but with some creativity (and a few cuss words) I can make it work.  The guest bedroom closet now holds all it did before plus all my tri gear and all the sports stuff from tri kits and wetsuit, bike helmets, hydration packs, run nutrition stuff, and even my winter coats too!


With some folding creativity I got all my run clothes into my 4 nightstands drawers.  Two drawers ( one nightstand) for bottoms, and 2 drawers for tops and folks that includes a temp range of 20-90 degrees!

So if you fold well you’d be amazed what you can fit.  The Kon Marie books about Tidying go into depth on this but in general these should give you some ideas.   I need to apologize to her as I loved the books, but I was originally thinking the folding thing was over the top.  Yeah, I get it now…lol.

I also apologize for the shifting direction of the pictures but I wasn’t sure what direction would be best.  The top left pic shows various tank tops for yoga and personal.  The ones to the left are thicker as they have built in bras, the next column are really over shirts that will need a top under, those who are sideways are truly just thin cami’s and then the far right are plain old tank tops.  In the right hand top pic these are short sleeve run shirts and then run tanks multi-folded on their side (I put them 2 different directions to be able to find what I wanted easier).  The bottom pic are my long sleeved run gear (thick ones in a single fold, thinner in a multi-fold).


The best news is this pile gets to find a new home (minus Daisy)!  The bins go back under the porch for future uses and the bag goes to donation!  I am now one step closer. Technically if I hung up my jackets I could say all the clothes are in the closet, but I still want to go through the wardrobe and really make it cohesive (for a change) and see where we are really at!  Once I get that done, it’s time to re-arrange the bedroom to something more fun, functional and way less traditional and we are good for awhile (until I tackle those damn Christmas decorations), so I say now.



One comment

  1. Tammy · May 5, 2017

    Wow! I am very impressed! I still am using the folding method on undies, socks and tops!


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