Happy Tiny Closet

So this morning I found happiness was a very simple thing.  I was able to walk into my “tiniest closest in America” and stand there and get dressed.  I mean holy cow that was all it took to put months of slight annoyance to full blown irritation to rest finally.

So with a very long day today I did something just really super simple, I straightened up clothes in the metal rack under the window that you couldn’t really see in the earlier pic’s.

So I really didn’t do much but here’s the key….don’t lose momentum or forward progress or whatever you want to call it.  If I blew off today it makes tomorrow twice as hard.  Anyway training for an event can tell you that.  Sometimes it is just easier to keep going.

Secondly, I am now more organized and I know exactly what lower body clothes I own.  I have way, way, way more tops that bottoms but still I know where I stand so when I am deciding on clothes yet this week I can actively decide what I want to keep and what I am going to have to let go.


So just for transparency sake, the top row is yoga clothes since this is what I spend most of my time in as 5 days a week I teach some version of it.  Top left is tops, top right is capris’s folded one way and pants folded a different direction in the wicker basket.  Second row are shorts and capri’s (jammie pants in the basket), and bottom row are full length pants and jeans.  Pretty easy right?  Well I don’t own dress pants (I’ll deal when I need them) so I don’t need hanging space (thank goodness based on how little room I have).

In the pic below I want to be really honest about what I am dealing with as far as trying to put things in some semblance of order.  To the right of the panoramic is my trusty extra dining room chair that is buried by jackets, then the tv is sitting on a chest of drawers (yep full you guessed it) then you can see part of one and all of another nightstand (yup full too) and then in the corner a metal shelf that is holding swim crap on top, run crap in the bottom bin and a bunch of purses and totes in the middle…heck my tri gear is still in a bin outside on the porch.


Even I have a ways to go.  We all do.  Find your project and jump in.  Feel free to ask any questions along the way!





One comment

  1. Tamerin Hayward · May 3, 2017

    Glad you had a happy morning. Sometimes that is all it takes!


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