Time to hit that closet!

To me, part of wellness is living well.  That means a lot of different things.  One is eating well, one is working in good, healthy situations, and a biggie for me, is having a home that is a sanctuary.  Trust me there is always dog fur around and you’ll find dishes in my sink until the end of the day but that’s life for me.  What I don’t handle well is clutter and too much stuff.

Clutter is a big agitator for me.  It adds stress to me physically and with autoimmune living it has taught me to control what I can, and honestly I can control the amount of crap I own.

At least I thought I could…and then I moved.  And in moving I downsized – a LOT.  But as many times as I downsized (5x in my formerly huge walk in closest that honestly was bigger than both my bath rooms combined now), I need to do it again.  Not because everything is magically going to fit, but I am just tired of this still bugging me every time I walk into my room and every night before I conk out….and it’s nearly 2 months later.

Welcome to closet downsizing 101 or maybe 106 since I have done it so flipping many times.   Every day or two I am going to tackle something else and let’s see how much I can get under control in a week or two.

So there are a few things I hate doing around the house – for me it’s folding laundry and attempting to put it away.  If you are anything like me, you probably avoid things you don’t like… and I learned that while tri training  few years ago that I could be lazy about my clothes and honestly I have been ever since.

In that spirit, it might not surprise you to learn that for the last 2 weeks I have apparently been living out of laundry baskets, so as I washed those loads and folded last weeks left overs and then folded all of this weeks clothes it dawned on me… exactly how much do I really need?  I mean here is the pile other than a few white t-shirts and a pair of white socks that were in the load I folded after the picture was taken.

To get the reality of what I am dealing with, the one aspect of my century old home that really bugs me is my bedroom.  Honestly I have a 3’x4′ area that is not built out well for all the storage for the bath and the bedroom as well as my business storage filing cabinet. I have been creative, I have downsized and it still sucks to be perfectly blunt.

So seeing this heap of laundry and really being mindful that I was putting things away in cubbies and folding things just so, so that they fit that I have decided I have an easy week this week so I am just going to do it and downsize for the last time for awhile.

This whole concept is not new to me, honestly I have been sort of obsessed with it for a few years now.  I read a book about 10 things a California girl learned while studying abroad in Paris, and the biggest takeaway, and what she has since become kinda famous for is her 10 item wardrobe per season (now that doesn’t include cami’s, jammies, undergarments, sport stuff or outwear).  Now I am not going that far as I don’t have another closet I can stuff things in for another season.  I have also bought a few pdf books on seasonal wardrobes and how 25 items can get you about 100 looks (this includes jewelry, handbags, shoes and scaves) – see I told you I am kinda of obsessed.  Ask me and I will publish links to these ladies ideas!  I have even read the books about downsizing.

But I have decided to start my journey into finally just wearing clothes I love that fit and make me happy.  Ladies, we know this is a challenge so bear with me.

The first step in my mind (so that you guys can use this technique later) is how often do you, or are you willing, to do laundry?  So I bring home sheets literally 4 nights a week if not more on busy weeks, so I have no intention of doing my personal laundry more than once a week one my one day off, that’t it.  It’s not reasonable in my lifestyle so I need at least 7 days worth of clothes at the minimum (think of packing a carry on for a vacation), now the reality is NC has a climate that ranges from 20 to 100 degrees so this won’t be a one season wardrobe but it’s a place to start and then add other seasons in….

That means to get through one week I need at least:

  • 4 sets of yoga clothes
  • 5 sets of run gear (with a temp range of 40-85 degrees, I won’t run colder or hotter)
  • a couple days of bike clothes
  • a couple days of swim clothes / wear (I don’t want everything to smell like chlorine)
  • 6 days of massage clothes, these can overlap to some extent, but these items have to with oils and gunk that I seem to get into.
  • real people clothes like fun tops (4), sweaters (3?) and jackets (3?), I tend to layer
  • a few dress up items (yes even I need a LBD – little black dress)
  • 2-3 pairs of jeans, plus pants, capri’s and shorts
  • I am going to have to work on the purse and tote addiction some more
  • and apparently buy some real shoes – lol,
  • variety of outerwear

I have to be honest I am not sure how much my tiny closet space can hold without collapsing but I think I have a whopping 25 hangers in there now, plus two shelving racks in my room, 2 nightstands with 2 drawers each, and a 4 drawer dresser.

So jump on the bandwagon if you have a closet you want to tackle…we start tomorrow!







One comment

  1. Tammy · May 1, 2017

    I will be interested in how you do!!


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