Just had the biggest a-ha moment

Most of you don’t know but I am a closest junkie for self help/meditation/yoga/personal growth kinda books and programs so when a biz program came up that melded a bit of self help for businesses, it was a given!  So why did it take me 3 years to get to it then?

Bottom line is I wasn’t ready to ‘Go Pro’ as Marie Forleo (google her, she is a genius!) puts it.  I was still trying to do everything myself and a big reason behind that was I hadn’t changed my priorities when it comes to my time.

In short, her version of GO PRO is in it’s most simplest terms, just not wasting your time on stuff you suck at– that indeed someone else could do in a fraction of the time, costing you less overall!   Now I count my pennies, so it took awhile for me to realize that it is costing me more to do certain tasks than it would to pay someone else to do it.   So what was I thinking?  I wasn’t.  I was doing what I have always done to get the work done and play later (that’s that damn Midwestern work ethic – lol), which leaves no time for play, ever.

Then it hit me.  Last weekend when I was feeling like crud I made a conscious decision to shift my priority this year to my marathon only, and in doing so I started to question other things around work.  So as I was listening to a Mercedes Maidana podcast about abundance (she’s an ultra cool big wave surfer girl who has a great outlook on abundance and life–check her out too) and she too started talking about priorities.  In her words…if it isn’t a ‘Hell Yeah!’ then in fact it is probably not worth doing.  I understood it then and it made sense… but it wasn’t till I put that thought into Marie’s biz context that I realized…very simply.. there is way too little Hell Yeah in my world.

Since we area apparently in a monsoon outside…it seems a good time for me to make some shifts, and I am chomping at the bit to do so!  So the time is right to break out my fave book to do that with is Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map (here’s the link: http://www.daniellelaporte.com/store/shop/books/the-desire-map-book-new.html?dlap=58859).  Danielle rocks and is one of my total fave personalities and writers.

Off to do some soul searching…this ought to be interesting!  See ya Monday!






  1. Tamerin Hayward · May 21, 2016

    I love your post. Enjoy your search!


  2. sallycrocker1203@gmail.com · May 25, 2016

    Just looked up this Mercedes lady. Fun stuff, thnx!

    Sent from my iPad



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