Essential Oils for Training & Life

So I am writing this at the culmination of my 2nd week of Multisport training  so by the time it gets published I may have more to add but here is how I use oils to supplement my training!

Virtually every night I am working on something for the biz that takes me pretty much up to bedtime so as I am getting ready for bed it’s Calm and Sleep time.  I mix ’em.  The dogs get enough by proxy to chill out and off Boom!  We’re out.

Mornings are pretty much like the cartoon of the Tasmanian Devil…so most days I don’t need much but there are those early ones that Invigorate and Focus get me revved!

Clients have been exposed to everything everyone in their family has been exposed to and since I am auto-immune, I live with Immunity and Decongest!  Hint – get 2, keep on one you and one at work!  I even have one I keep with my headphones for the gym before and after!

Cranky spots after a tough workout or just still adapting?  Pain Relief and Detox (sep or mixed) are a killer combo!  Hint – Detox on legs that are beat up post long run then legs up the wall and even I am good to go!

Scheduling gets tough with lots of different types of workouts so Destress lets my shoulders come down.  Hint – its great after Bike and Swim!  It’s also a great combo with headache as tight shoulders can give me a whopper of a headache!

Road Rage trying to get to the gym- Calm baby!  Surprise PMS works here too!

Not in the mood to workout?  Equalize and Strength are my go to choices.  Carry On is new but I think this fits here too!  Uplift is another really good option.

Have to tackle something you aren’t fond of (accounting for me) – believe it or not Passion is a huge help!

Ate something that isn’t sitting well or too close to a workout….Digest!  It just eases the tummy without creating “another reaction”…you get the drift.  Speaking of food, I have needed to make some dietary changes (and still am) so Abstain, Transform, and Willpower all have been helpful.

So do you need all 21 drops?  No you don’t need all of them but I bet once you start using them you will keep finding solutions in those cute little bottles and your stash will grow! That’s how I started!











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