Where do I start with 21 drops Essential Oils?

I get this question a lot.  The answer is really what aspect of your life/body isn’t working well.

So for those who can’t sleep – let’s look at Sleep and maybe Destress or Calm to slow the mind and help you drift off.

If you want to quit caffeine?  Let’s talk about Focus!

Everyone around me has the plague…help?  Immunity my friend, in fact get two this time of year and keep one on you and one at work!

How about I am looking at making some major changes this year?  Transform is a great place to start.  Maybe Passion to follow your dreams, or Equalize to help you get your footing, or Willpower or Abstain to help support you making changes.

There is no wrong place to start but it we can help address what your biggest hangup is, then you will be able to tell asap if it’s working.

It’s snowing, it’s grey, it’s cold…you get it….Uplift.  Let’s change your mood and see if we can make a positive.





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