Carry On Essential Oil (New!)

OK I am in love with this one.  I have had an awful week dealing with outside customer service problems that had zero to do with me.  If you know me at all, you know I detest the squeaky wheel gets the oil scenario’s but these problems were just so bad I really had no choice but to take these problems to management of the various companies.  I mean 4 them, really?  This is a record week for me for sure but with that are then the demands of business, teaching, personal and week 2 of multisport training…what got me through it – Carry On.

If you asked me in one word what this one does I would say soothe.  The closest I can come is if you have a rash and you put a salve on it and the itch or pain goes away…it soothes the rash.  This one is like soothing the emotional body in order to soothe the physical body.



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