Abstain, Equalize and Transform

So as much as I love the literature on 21 drops and how it was intended to work  what I also like most is hearing how people use them.   I’ve had runners put Strength on the bottoms of their feet.

I’ve personally used Immunity like I would Vick’s vaporub in the past.  Oh yeah another weekend with someone who was sneezing and coughing and nada, zip, zero illnesses!

I have also had folks try using Equalize to improve mood – it works, I had to try this with my grumptastic moments over the frenzy of the holidays!

So while I am trying to really work on my nutrition this year I am thinking about trying some newer oils out.  Transform is meant for life change (they say hormonally but hell I use detox to fix people instead of for hangovers…) so why not use it to support new changes.  I think I might need to bring Abstain to the grocery store with me but why not!

What goals in the New Year do you need help supporting?  Some folks say there’s a drug made for that (headslap!)   I say try something non-toxic that isn’t going to be recalled first!



One comment

  1. Tammy · January 13, 2016

    Loving sleep at night to calm my thoughts when I have had a particularly hectic or unsatisfactory day.


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