Yoga & Running / Endurance Sports

So I can’t tell you how pleased I was to get an e-mail for the lovely folks at the Kiawah Island Marathon (& 1/2) noting they had 3 different options for yoga for the weekend.    I loved the enlightened version that not all yoga is the same nor is it intended to do the same thing!  Which is why I have spent the month of November getting ready to launch my Yoga Rx program!


It is designed for Endurance Athletes of all levels, sizes and genders to improve your movement, balance, strength and flexibility as well as teaching you better breathing that can make race day more effective, and even meditation techniques to get the mental game in place!

So here is a sneak peak on my new project class list!

Breathe & Build:  This class will help you add to your build phase of your plan.  It will support and complement all the hard work you are doing by adding a warm slow flow alignment based class that adds pranayama (breathwork) to your asana (poses) practice to encourage active recovery!

Recovery:  This class will help you recover after a tough build, is great for off weeks, perfect for pre-race week and post-race week, as well as injury or illness recovery time.  This class will be a warm class with long holds, and recovery positions added in to support the body in it’s time of rebuilding.

❇Mindful (Weekly Free):  This is a free class to those who want to learn to meditate or continue to support your practice.  All levels welcome and this is welcome to friends and family as well.

❇Rolling 101 (Monthly Free):   This is a free monthly class for those who want to learn how to foam roll correctly and for those who really hate foam rolling because it hurts.  I can help you work your way into using this incredibly helpful tool.

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