I love the ocean….

I teach yoga with a ton of ocean metaphors, and was basically a fish as a kid, so when I read this it was really honest and very true to the life of the ocean! Such grace and majesty, yet such pure utter power of Mother Nature at her best and worst.  If you have been to my office this isn’t one of the pics that are hanging, those are by Clark Little but this one I fell in love with! 


When we’re close to the water,

When we’re right on the beach,

We see the waves come towards us and then retreat—


In this repeated back and forth motion.

But when we step back—

Far back.

When we’re far enough away,

That pattern disappears.

Instead, we can see how the water moves in many directions,

All at once.

As the cyclical pattern dissipates, the movement appears random and chaotic.

The other night I practiced yoga on a cliff,

Far away from the water.

As I softened my gaze and sweetly shifted out of my logical, linear, rational mind,

Something happened—

I could feel its rhythm.

I could feel its pulse.

The ocean showed me that there’s a method in this madness, there’s a rhythm to this life.

Whenever we feel otherwise, all that may be needed is to take a step back (far back), from our current situation.

To drop out of our minds,

And simply observe.

The ocean reminded me that we need to listen in ways that we may not be used to,

To tune into the eternal conversation that transpires beyond speech,

To feel the underlying current and pulse, that constitutes life itself,

The interwoven connection  that is eternally present.

We need to continuously step back,


And really listen.


Relephant read:

You Can’t Stop The Waves.


Author: Alexa Torontow

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren


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