Headache Blend

So when I get a headache its usually due to my neck being off in some way, add tightness to the situation and then change the weather and I get a whopper of a headache.  Typically it’s 4-5 days before this settles down but after 3 days this last time I had had it.  I tried 800 mg ibuprofen and usually that gives me some relief but once it wore off the headache seemed to come back with a vengeance.  Ironically last Friday my new order from 21 drops arrived with the new blends I was going to carry including Headache.

I figured I had zero to lose so I tried it.  It actually smells pretty good and not just for a headache rememdy.  But none the less I thought I would try something and just using inhalation see what happened.  I did this on purpose as I don;t handle fragrance well when I have that kind of headache so if I could handle it and not turn me green, I knew this was a good start!

I took a few whiffs every 15 minutes.  It was somewhere after the first hour and before the second hour that I realized it was gone.  Sorry I wasn’t really watching the clock but no drug works on this type of headache in an hour anyway!

What I didn’t realize is it could be used as a preventative as well if you are prone to headaches.  You’ll recognize the lavender and peppermint but you will never guess the 3rd element!


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