Invigorate Blend

I have felt completely sluggish all week until today.  I wasn’t really behind on sleep, I wasn’t feeling bad or anything just exhausted.  So I thought this would be the perfect week to try Invigorate.  It’s well named for sure.  What I noticed most was it wasn’t that big jolt like caffeine sometimes gives me, it was more subtle but the end result was quite similar.  In fact so similar that I cut out most of my caffeine this week (wondering if it was draining my energy instead of giving me energy) and thanks to invigorate 3-4 times a day I didn’t really need the caffeine.

This is the perfect blend if you are trying to ditch caffeine, or just feeling the effects of Fall and are wanting to nest more, or just need an extra boost to get started or keep going mid-afternoon!   You can for sure smell the Rosemary that I love!  IMG_1937


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