Immunity Blend

So I love getting feedback on these oils as I feel it tells so much more about the product, than just the pretty advertising.

So this story is mine own (yes I am the main guinea pig that this stuff gets tried out on) and it just happened to me today.  Most of you who know me, know my schedule is creative to say the least, some might say a disaster – lol.  I pride myself on being able to get people in for bodywork when they need it, which means my schedule is totally chaotic and always last minute.  A lot of folks know I have some autoimmune diseases as I have talked about them freely before, but what most people don’t know is that chaos = bad for autoimmune folks.

In addition to needing a lot of down / quiet time, I need more recovery time that most but then again I do a manual work job so 20 hours for a Massage Therapist is like a typical 40 hour a week job for the rest of the world, then add in all the self employed tasks, new product lines, blogs and so on, teaching yoga, developing new classes, add in 4 fur babies at home and a house that is a disaster…you get the idea.  So, you can then imagine the havoc that 3 double shift days in a row, adds to my tiredness.  By Friday I am pretty tired in the am, but if you try to reach me much into the afternoon, you are going into voicemail as I will be asleep for about 3 hours to be able to function and keep going (ha, now you know my secret – I LOVE my naps!).

So I got my nap (it was wonderful) but I woke up feeling a touch cruddy.  Not like I’m getting sick like tomorrow but something may be brewing for the next week or two.  We all get it, you know the feeling.  Add to that, I’ve seen a lot of people in the last few days who all work in big companies and many have kids in school, aka plague factories for us who are autoimmune…lol. So today after I got up….I thought this would be the perfect time to use Immunity. IMG_1929

Maybe about 6:15 tonight, I put in on the insides of my wrists, the base of my throat, the back of my neck and rubbed it into the soles of my feet and put socks on (sounds a lot like Vick’s vaporub right? – without all the nasty chemicals..).  Within 15 minutes I started to regain some energy, and just feel like me again.  It’s now 4 hours later I have the house ready for the weekend so I don’t loose precious outdoor time in the beautiful fall weather, over crapola like cleaning the house, cooking, laundry, etc.  I didn’t eat a ton of vitamin C or take supplements at all today (although I highly support both), I had dirty rice for dinner so I truly didn’t even get in a vege (don’t tell my coach), so this is all the immunity blend oil from 21 drops….nothing else.

I would highly recommend this for everyone this time of the year, but trust me on my next order (or maybe I will buy one out of my stock for my clients) I will be adding this one to my bag as well as having one at home!


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