Essential Oils 102

In Essential Oils 101 we talked about how to pick an oil and how to get good quality….I thought 102 would be a good intro on how to use them.

So up until 100 or so years ago, essential oils and food were medicine.  How strange does that sound in today’s society? Really plants, herbs, flowers, trees and the foods they produced mattered.  For me with all my food allergies, they still do. So many of today’s allergies to foods or products are due to synthetic chemicals that our body has no idea how to deal with.

Enter the essential oils bandwagon!   Seems every company on the planet seems to have jumped on the wagon but don’t have much to say.  The message of true aromatherapy has been lost.  It is NOT about what smells pretty.  This isn’t your aftershave or perfume.  This is about functionality and a return to real and natural health as safely as you can, that’s why I don’t suggest buying just any old oil!

Do you many of the medication you may take (or a loved one does) still are plant based? I think it is a safe bet the drug companies don’t really want you to know this…do your Physician’s really even know this?  Hmmm….I’ll let you ponder that one awhile.

So the three main ways to use essential oils are inhalation, absorption and digestion.   Inhalation is obviously the fastest…take a whiff and straight into the limbic system of your brain it goes, stimulating any and all of the body’s 13 different systems.  What this means is things you smell can get your immune system to fire up, start the digestive juices, or even work within your nervous systems.

Absorption has always had a variety of information and mis-information due to the argument if you are applying it you are also inhaling it simultaneously.  So here’s the easy explanation.  From anyone who has ever worked on someone who smokes or has had a few too many, trust me it comes out your pores, and honestly I will still smell it until I launder the sheets. Sorry hate to break the news to you but I also know if you have had garlic or all sorts of fun stuff.  (Trust me they did NOT mention that in Massage School).  So If we are lead to believe that trans-dermal medications (for birth control or smoking) work, then you can absorb stuff you put on your body…hence as a side note, know what you are putting on your body and how many products are petroleum based (think that though).  So therefore if we know absorption works. Now there are molecule sizes that play into it but in general it does work.  Just because Scientists haven’t figured out how to test people short of putting a close pin on their nose, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.  And do you know how many women would be preggers if it didn’t work?

So the next obvious point is where to apply.  Since we are assuming absorption works…my answer would be to keep it away from super sensitive places (duh) and keep it to the areas they apply those patches to…upper arms and upper legs. However, I have tried it on me and many folks who have had little kids, swear by applying vicks (petroleum based by the way) on the soles of the feet covered with socks helps a cold/cough.  So even though the hands and feet have an extra layer of dermis (skin) to protect them, they also obviously sweat and can absorb.  I think pulse points are also some really good place, typically the blood vessels are closer to the surface hence faster absorption, again use common sense with some of them (armpits and groin = bad, back of neck, wrists, back of knees = good).

Digestion is the form that actually scares me a bit.  I am not a fan of it in the least.  Until the FDA (who I have to be honest I don’t have a lot of faith in) come up with a testing and some guidelines, don’t do it.  Stick with teas that are meant to be digested to help you.

Hope this helps!  I should have the oils in within a few days.  The 14 oils that I have chosen we will have testers for all of them so if you just want to come in an inhale awhile, or actually use some of them, or have them used on you…you know how to reach me.  Understand everything I do is by appointment so your odds of catching me aren’t great otherwise, but I am happy to take the time to walk you through the world of essential oils!


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