Essential Oils 101

After my last FB blurb about an oil I used I got a great question that warranted a blog post….the question was how do I know which oil to buy.  So we all know cheaper is not always better but is expensive actually better?  The answer is no.

However, there is aromatherapy and essential oil everything these days but 90% are synthetic.  These cause allergic reactions and chemical sensitivities.  If it doesn’t sound like it came from a plant or tree (ie: Rain) don’t bring it into your house.

You don’t want an oil that smells good but doesn’t do anything.  That’s called an air freshener.  A real oil shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol like a perfume to get it to stay on the skin’s surface.  We want this stuff in your system to work!  The smell’s should go away in less than an hour, and within that time should be being metabolically through your system and heading on out of you.  So how do you know what’s good?

The real determinant should be in what’s listed on the bottle actually in the bottle.  The answer is probably no.  There is no FDA approval for essential oils so you have no idea what’s actually in the bottle.  There is only one brand of oil that I have found in all my research (and I have been using oils for 25 years now) that uses gas chromatography, meaning when it comes out of the bottle is actually what is in it.  That brand is 21 drops (which is the reason I am opting to carry it as opposed to other “name” brands.  More stories to follow…

So after synthetics at the bottom of the spectrum then there is “Therapeutic Grade” which is meant to sound impressive but is a term thrown around loosely, really loosely.  Translated from what I can tell it means nothing,  No parts per million, no distinguishing characteristics, just generic.  A certain newer brand to the market that is a Pyramid base sales is this level.

Next up would be organic oils which I preferred until I did my homework.  I thought organic was top of the line.  Well, it is until it comes out of the soil.  There’s where we lose ground (no pun intended).  So oils are extracted, distilled, steamed, squished and a whole variety of ways to get the oils out however, even in organic we have no control over what happens after it is ground.  Some brands just choose not to certify (one of the eldest oils on the block does this and guarantees it and so on, but who of us would doubt that, but who of us could prove it either.  I have a great deal of respect for this brand and the ethics it was founded on but I used to say that about politics and a lot of other things once upon a time….), some certify the soil and assume it’s enough but it really isn’t going to prove what is in the bottle itself.

So for me it is 21 drops all the way.  It’s convenient, preblended with a carrier oil to keep you safe for topical application (no you are never supposed to use oils straight out of the bottle as it can be dangerous….folks this was medicine up until 100 years ago, don’t play with what you don’t know anymore than you would do it with medications).  Easy to travel with and they all have different elements that have different qualities to help what’s ailing you.  So for the next few weeks or so I will be posting 21 drops info so that you can see, smell and feel the difference.  It was created by a Massage Therapist for her clients, so not only am I partial to it, but if we have our hands in this stuff 20-30 hours a week for decades at a time, we need it to be safe too.

As of now I am the only retailer in NC so my first shipment should arrive end of this week (I hope), and then you can try them too.


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