Detox Blend

You know I could write about all this oil does but between the glowing review from my client and the fact I used this on a triathlete that just completed an iron distance even Saturday…5 days only after completing 140.6 miles…he was amazed at the difference using only detox on those best up legs!

Michele has been my massage therapist for over seven years. Her “magic” hands fixed any problem. My last massage was the best ever. Michele was considering a new line of essential oils for use in massages and for retail. She began with Equalize on her hands. The fragrance was very pleasant and had a relaxing effect. I, usually have a very tight back. She applied Distress on my back as she massaged and it was helpful on the muscles. The most incredible effect was the last application of oil. I have a chronic knot in my right shoulder which usually requires a lot of working to reduce it. Michele applied the Detox oil directly on the knot and within seconds she was able to reduce the size of the knot by three-quarters. Unbelievable. Almost a week later is still feels great. Thank you, Michele and I look forward to purchasing the oils and to our next massage!


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